Who are we?

"We are a diverse group of deep thinkers with a common interest in gaining wisdom (Philosophy means “love of wisdom”). We explore philosophical teachings across time, cultures and geographies together and try to live those principles. How? By putting them into action! By doing this we hope to better ourselves and our community."

About the philosophy project

The philosophy project is a grassroots effort to cultivate more critical and independent thinking for a new and better world, starting in the Cambridge/Somerville area. This is a call for people everywhere to actively cultivate wisdom. Why? "Philosophy" or love of wisdom is something that at its foundation can change the world: it's about recognizing and solving problems before they happen, and choosing the wisest way to tackle a specific issue. We're bringing timeless teachings into activities that help the community, and in the process, we're making ourselves better and better everyday. How do we propose to do that? By teaching classes, celebrating the cultures of humanity and putting philosophy into action by volunteering for organizations in need.